Nampo Oesdag: Portraits

Just outside Bothaville in South Africa, Nampo Show gets held every year.

Nampo is an agricultural showcase of all that is to offer to the farming community in South Africa and beyond. Everything from tractors, animals, electrical and electronic gadgets, information and even new patents are exhibited here. The newest, best, shiniest of everything.

While there to cover the event I had a small project running on the side – shooting portraits of The People of Nampo. Here is a couple…

 Berdine Pienaar (28) is from Hoopstad where she and her husband farm with mielies (maize) and its her 10th Nampo.
Dion Joubert (60) is from Zeerust where he farms with vegetables and cows. He comes to Nampo for the fellowship with other farmers and to see the new inventions that he can use for himself in farming.
 Bongani Joel is busy shaving a sheep. He is Frankfort.
 Pieter du Plessis (40) and his son JP du Plessis (12) on the left and Len Cloete (50) and his son Geoffrey Cloete (9) on the right. They come from Pretoria and they farm with sheep etc. When asked whether their kids also wanted to become farmers they said: ” Not if we can help it”
 Dyamluti Godweni (64) from Eastern Cape. He farms with red meat (cows). His children and grandchildren is also farmers. He visits Nampo every year.
 Louw Steytler, Chairman of Grain SA. Grain SA is the organizer of Nampo.
Douglas Elphinstone is from Tzaneen. He is 16 years old and in High school Merensky, an Agricultural school. His parents are farmers and he plans to farm as well.

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