Coldplay – FNB Soccer City

Coldplay makes Jo’burg Paradise

A blaze of fireworks kicked off British rock band Coldplay’s Johannesburg concert at the FNB Stadium in Soweto, on Saturday night.
Frontman Chris Martin and his band opened the concert with a song from their upcoming fifth studio album Mylo Xyloto, which would be released later this month.
Joburgers didn’t have to wait long to hear some of their old favourites, with Coldplay launching straight into its first top 10 hit single, Yellow.
In keeping with the theme, the stadium lit up with yellow lights, lasers, large balloons and beach balls, as the crowd sang along.
Some 62,000 people packed into the stands and field to witness the band’s first tour in South Africa. On Tuesday, Coldplay wowed Cape Town fans.
Martin told the Johannesburg crowd that the band’s drummer Will Champion had suggested shooting a music video in South Africa, saying: “It’s so much sunnier and warmer than where we come from.
He then asked the crowd: “Would you like to be in the video?”
The stadium exploded into cheers and screams.
Martin explained a minute-long clip would be shot for the end of their new song ‘Paradise’.
The band then proceeded to place huge elephant masks over their heads.
“When you’re not as attractive as Beyonce you got to do what you can… please don’t put this on YouTube,” he joked.
The mood remained upbeat through the set with a Mexican wave of cellphone lights around the calabash stadium, the same place used to host the Soccer World Cup final.
In keeping with the sporty spirit of the weekend, Martin replaced lyrics of ‘God Put A Smile Upon Your Face’ with: “and maybe give the Springboks the World Cup”, to the delight of the crowd.
Coldplay ended the concert with a spectacular three song encore with ‘Clocks, ‘Fix You’ with the intro to the late Amy Winehouse’s ‘Rehab’, the new hit ‘Every Teardrop is a Waterfall’, and an amazing fireworks display.

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  1. As I'm in a very steep learning curve, I'd appreciate basic exif on this shoot, such as lens used (make unimportant rather length/type/f-stop ) /iso/shutter speed (range), if at all possible. Thank you.

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