ET go Home

My view on the first morning. ET was murdered the previous night. Mot (friend) and I drove through at night and slept in the car in front of ET’s farm. We only got a few hours sleep. E-tv was busy with a live crossing here. Was still pretty quiet here… the whole world would arrive in the next couple of hours.In an attempt to get footage we walked through swamp-type areas on the farm but what, to me, was one of the most surreal moments was when we found Atilla (ET’s famous horse) walking on the farm. I wondered if Atilla knew her boss was killed only a couple hours earlier.

Breakfast of Champions. Mot making it out of the boot.
Me, sitting at the City Hall waiting for someone from the AWB. pic GERHARD PRETORIUS

First time we got to the crime scene. On the left was the bed where ET died. Me is wearing red. On my right is Simphiwe Sibeko (Reuters) and Schalk van Zuydam (AP).
AWB meeting in town. Only got a couple frames before being chased out.
Oom Andries, ET’s brother.

Outside the Court.

AWB’s new leader, Steyn van Ronge.
To me, a summary of emotions at the funeral.
Tydens die begrafnis in die AP Kerk.

Buite ET se plaas.

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