Ponte Building

Client: Al Jazeera ©

Ponte Building in the inner CBD of Johannesburg

Work I did for NEA Foundation, Pretoria

NEA Foundation, is a non-profit organisation that values the involvement of the public and believes in the contribution which individuals and corporate sponsors can make towards change.

NEA is a Swahili word for “purpose, to prepare the way, to set in motion, to be a starting block”.
We want to be able to move and be in places where the need as well as the potential for change is really big. We want to get involved with the people in the community to start projects required in their specific community and then equip them to take responsibility for their own projects and lives. Our aim as a Non-Profit orgnisation is to prove to them they don’t have to depend on us to do everything, our role is to support them in their dream and purpose, and to encourage them to be what they were meant to be!!!

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