24 Cars burn to the ground at Muslim Religious gathering.


Johannesburg – A fire that destroyed around 25 cars in Woodmead on Friday was extinguished by 14:00, emergency services said.

“The fire is completely out and the exact cause of the fire is unknown at this stage,” Johannesburg emergency services spokesperson Nana Radebe said.

“There are a lot of stories including that the fire was caused by two children playing with fireworks and the grass caught fire. At this stage it can’t be confirmed and we will investigate the incident.”

She said people at the scene had alleged that children were playing with fireworks on the grass parking area and the grass caught fire and “quickly spread” to the vehicles.

ER24 spokesperson Werner Vermaak said there were no injuries.

“Paramedics and rescue personnel are on the scene. No injuries have been reported and I can confirm that the fire is out. The cars were parked on a grass parking,” he said.

Vermaak said they first received a call about the fire at 11.45am.

Most of the cars belonged to Muslim men who had gathered at Mia’s Farm for a weekend of spiritual rejuvenation.

The event had been arranged by the Waterval Islamic Institute.

Police could not immediately comment.


Pippie Kruger is smiling! She is getting better and better everyday. We visit her at home.

She is smiling!

Every time I visit Pippie Kruger I can see an improvement – this time it was her smile and her eyes.

She smiles at me, playfully sticks out her tongue and even ‘kicks’ my butt.

Anice is so friendly always and jokes while she takes out special flavored milk from the refrigerator for our coffee.